Sorrounded by people, completetly alone


Horizontal Rain

Planctophob (rmx)
Track list
#01 - Freezing(7:12)
#02 - Horizontal Rain (8:16)
#03 - Freezing RMX (5:21)

Octad and Phiorio, the two founders of Metroline Records presents their project called "FORSE" on Concrete Records. Techno sounds with dark and catchy lapels at the same time, Horizontal Rain is made of harmonies created by synth and pads that give the perfect binding for this complex kind of electronic music. The release is closed by an angry and loud remix of our new-entry's artist: Planctophob. This young and talent guy from Russia, won our contest on Musicaoltranza, and with his experimental and techno sound, gave us a perfect remix for the track called "Freezing". All tracks are characterized by aggressive bass and an hypnotic groove with a powerful impact on the dancefloor, this is what we called techno, this is "FORSE".



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