Sorrounded by people, completetly alone


Tetrahedral Dust

Joe Casagrande (rmx)
Track list
#01 - Spielplatzn (6:28)
#02 - Limen (7:18)
#03 - Limen RMX (7:45)

We are proud to present our second release for the year 2012,  a collaboration between the two artists known as BaU and a remix by Joe Casagrande.
"Tetraedhal Dust" is a very reflexive and dub sounds oriented ep, with minimal and just slightly suggested pads and harmonies. To this base are added tracks like Limen, that feature deep and persisting bass. In contrast with the energy of Limen, we find the quieter tones and "field recordings" of Spielplatz, the release opening track. In every track we find an obsessively cared for sound, the groove is suggested for and emphasized by the constant mixing of glitch and harmonic sounds. To complete the circle, the great remix by Joe Casagrande, that presents a dub re-edition of the track Limen.


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