Sorrounded by people, completetly alone


Critical & Concrete

Track list
#01 - Memories Of Factories (6:33)
#02 - Minsdiss (8:20)
#03 - Okambi (8:20)
#03 - Unknown Self (7:33)

Concrete Records closes its first circle of releases with a special guest: Dr. Nojoke. With his dark and strange sound full of glitches and hypnotics beat, in these four tracks Nojoke gives us an accurate perception of his world. He's been cultivating his music since 2005, when he started building his sound from his archive of self-made sounds and field recordings. He defines it as "a funky, deep, minimal, quirky, and experimental micro-cut-up-music" and calls it  "Clikno". It is a clean and well kept sound, a true example of what most people define "minimal"-  to us this term is very restrictive. Just listen this release to understand why.


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