Sorrounded by people, completetly alone


A Pigeon Painted Of Blood EP

Track list
#01 - How to...l'eau (4:01)
#02 - A woodpecker...well (5:41)
#03 - You...underwater (6:14)
#04 - A pigeon...blood (7:49)

Furtherset, 18 years old, published his first EP at the age of 16, and right from the start he has always depicted his personal vision of music: dirty, rough and dark. This EP is the preview of the upcoming album that will be released by our label. A complex work, that in Furthersetsaying has less in common with in his previous productions, and more with his live performances - Non linear and electro beat drums are placed side by side to voice-created instruments (made unrecognizable by effects) and synths, that recreate bass and drones to shape post heavy and industrial atmospheres, that appear experimental but powerful at the same time. Welcome Furtherset!


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