Sorrounded by people, completetly alone


Granular Instinct

Track list
#01 - Granular instinct (6:36)
#02 - Get lost (6:05)
#03 - Inside (7:41)

We are proud to present to you our second release: 'Granular Instinct' by Cella. Gabriele Cella is an Italian dj-producer currently living in London who has produced releases for many labels including Resopal, Shallware Records and Multivitamins. For Concrete he has created a very varied and polished EP. The first track has dark and hypnotic sounds, melodic lines, vocoder and glitches making 'Granular instinct' a synthesis of a unique take on electronic music. The second track is definitely more dancefloor orientated with more minimal funk tendencies and grooves made to dance to, whilst the last track 'Inside' is the pinnacle of this splendid EP, an intimate reflective track with an atmosphere and sound that only the greats know how to make.


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