Sorrounded by people, completetly alone

Close the circle and arrive at the solution.

Be concrete, in form and in ideas.


When musical experiences come together and interact with each other in a circular manner, the result is Concrete Records, a new independent label that operates from Rome on the global electronic scene.


Concrete Records was born from the desire to contribute creatively and effectively to the diffusion of a new way of making electronic music: working together to overcome the current pattern of production and facilitating the search for a shared style - result of experience, of sounds, and musicals choices made by artists from all over the world. Concrete Records is a versatile group of artists, many musical nuances that merge toghether into a single sound.


The Concrete Records style is in constant evolution. There is no point of departure or arrival, only the identity of the movement that has mutated into the different styles of today's electronic music.